let me help you with that

one-time cleans

rate of $35/hr. with one cleaner // $50/hr. with two cleaners

For those clients interested in a one-time clean, be it a move-out clean to retain a security deposit or a move-in clean for peace of mind or a "I have guests coming to stay and no time to clean before they get here!" type situation, let me help you with that!

Focus can be discussed with individual clients but will tend to be on bathrooms, kitchens, window sills, baseboards, and floors. The areas that tend to be labor-intensive and/or generally overlooked.

initial cleans

Rate of $30/hr. with one cleaner // $45/hr. with two cleaners

Similar in approach to the one-time clean, initial cleans for new clients will focus on the labor-intensive and often forgotten about/not gotten to areas of your home, but with the added intention of getting your space cleaned and reset to prepare for regularly scheduled maintenance cleans.

These cleans require a meet & greet appointment to be scheduled at your home beforehand, during which you will be able to introduce me to your space, focal points, areas of concern, etc, and to make sure the relationship feels like a good fit.

recurring, scheduled cleans

Rates based on home size

After the new client initial clean has been taken care of, regularly scheduled cleanings thereafter are charged a flat-rate per clean based on the size of your home as follows: $65 for an apartment, $85 for a two-story home, and $120 for a three-story home, with a $5 per cleaning contribution to the West Philly Scrub ALIA benefits account.

These maintenance cleans will focus on the wet rooms, kitchen and bathroom(s), of your home as they are the rooms most affected by daily use. From there, surfaces and dusting, window sills, baseboards, and floors are all attended to at each visit.


supplies & product guide

While I do plan on eventually making my own line of cleaning products to offer, for now clients provide the products with which they would like their home to be cleaned. Keeping in mind the eco-conscious approach of the West Philly Scrub, please avoid products containing harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. Clients are responsible for providing the following supplies at each clean:

- broom and dustbin / mop and bucket / vacuum

- paper towels and/or washable rags

- window/glass cleaner

- bathroom spray cleaner

- toilet bowl cleaner and scrubber

- scrub-backed sponge(s)

Recommended supplies to have on hand include scrub cleanser, multi-purpose spray cleaner, dusting cloths.

The following brands have proven effective and environmentally conscious: Seventh Generation, Sun & Earth, Method, Mrs Meyers, Ecover, Bon Ami bleach-free scrub cleanser, Lysol's Power & Free line