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about me

I have been cleaning professionally for over 15 years, starting in high school when I worked seasonally as an assistant to the caretaker of a private vacation estate in the Adirondacks, where much of my work was cleaning and preparing the guesthouses. It is here I learned the mighty power of both attention to detail and careful maintenance.

With the West Philly Scrub I have the opportunity to build a cleaning company upon those ideals, attentiveness and care, in the fullest sense. These ideals are the foundation of my professional principles.


mission / vision

My mission is to build a cleaning company that provides respectful and respected professionalism, cultivates personal relationships with clients and within the community, and keeps homes clean with an earth-conscious and -protective approach.


In the "Age of the App" we find ourselves in, I want to stay grounded, rooted. I want my business to be about my community, to meet people face to face, to grow my clientele organically through word of mouth and let my work speak for itself. I am not in tech or big business, I am in the homecleaning business, and that is something personal to me, to my clients. I want to like and trust my clients, and I want my clients to like and trust me. Being entrusted to clean other people's homes is a relationship that finds itself right in the middle of professional and personal. It is a relationship I honor. 

The West Philly Scrub is in its early, formative stages, with a lot of room for growth. I have many ideas, hopes, and plans for the business, like preparing my company to offer a decent wage to any future employee(s) and eventually offering my own line of distilled vinegar & essential oil based cleaning products. There is exciting room for growth, and I want that growth to happen mindfully, carefully, purposefully. Fostering close working relationships with my clients is of the utmost importance to me, and I do not plan to stretch myself too thin to maintain those relationships at any step of the way.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the West Philly Scrub.

Cheers to a clean home!

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